3 Important Things to Keep in Mind for Successful Product Packaging

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Did you know that 95% of new products introduced every year end up failing? There?s dozens of factors that go into whether or not consumers will take to a particular product. One place you don?t want to skimp on is the packaging.

Think of Tiffany and Co. as an example of great packaging design at work. The iconic blue box doesn?t just hold the jewelry — it becomes representative of the entire brand experience, to the point where the ?little blue box? has entered cultural lexicon.

While your product may never be a popular catchphrase, it can make a huge difference on every level of your product?s life — from factory, to shipping, to display, to the actual experience a consumer has with the product itself.

What can you do to have more effective product packaging design? Here?s a few things to keep in mind.

Less is More

It?s one of the easiest mistakes to make, or so the custom product packaging company says — you have a lot of information you want to convey to customers and you want to fit it all in there. However, in most cases, less is more. You want to convey the key essential points or ?vibe? behind your product and brand, because your consumer may only be glancing at it for literal seconds as they move through the grocery store.

Keep Shipping in Mind

Did you know that glass containers are 30% lighter than they were in 1980? Packaging matters not just for customers, but for shipping. Packaging with a lot of ?dead air? around the product takes up more space in the truck, and it?s also going to take up more space on a shelf — something stores might count as a score against you. Packaging that is lighter and takes up less space will allow you to spend less per item on transportation costs, from start to finish. The more compact and lightweight you can make your packaging, the better it will be for your bottom line. A custom product packaging company can help you figure out the ideal dimensions for your product.

Packaging Types That Pop Out

99 Designs blog points out that an important factor in successful packaging is helping your product to stand out. You may have a great soup product, for example. On a shelf, among numerous soup brands, though, it may fail to stand out and really capture the consumer?s attention. Packaging your soup with unique colors, standout graphics, or even innovating the shape of the container can help to boost your sales.

If you?re ready to move forward with your packaging, then it might be time to contact a custom product packaging company.

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