4 Tips Every Manger Should Follow When Laying Off an Employee

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As a manager, it is no secret that you have a very complicated job. From handling disappointed customers to dealing with low sales, a manager’s job differs daily. However, one of the hardest things a manager has to do is to let go one of their employees. No matter the reason, whether it is due to restructuring, the need for new talent acquisition, or downsizing, it can be very challenging to let someone go from their job.

Here are some tips any manager should follow when they are laying off an employee to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

1. Have compassion

Laying off someone will dramatically impact their life, so it is crucial that you stay compassionate throughout the entire meeting. The event has the possibility of getting highly emotional, so you will want to be empathetic towards the person and their needs.

2. Treat the employee with respect at all times

Even if you are ending the relationship with your employee on bad terms, it is more important than ever to show signs of respect during their final meeting. No matter why you are firing them, you need to remember that you originally hired them for a reason and for all they have given to your company, they deserve respect.

3. Use an HR consultant to ensure everything is by the books

It can be unsettling to fire someone by yourself, so it is always a good idea to utilize a HR consultant as a buffer in case emotions run high. Plus, you never want an outraged employee to act against your company for unfair treatment, so HR consultants in the room will be able to answer any of their questions about benefits, severance pay, or the termination contract. These professionals will even be able to help you with an outplacement service, if available.

4. Be honest

For the sake of the employee’s career development, it is important to be honest about their faults on the job so they can grow from this experience. You will also want to point out their strengths in their job, as it is incredibly important for a manager to come across as thankful, not malicious.
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