6 Top Factors to Consider When Buying Decorative Mesh Screens

Decorative mesh screens have become very useful in the construction industry, where they are being used for decoration and design purposes. Over the last few years, homeowners have been using decorative mesh screens in their windows and doors and other areas where they can produce an attractive installation. If you are interested in interior decoration, you can consider decorative mesh screens over other interior decoration materials.

However, not all architectural metals are the same in the industry. It is upon you to make sure that you choose a decorative mesh screen that will serve you for a long time. It will also be necessary if you can consider decorative steel mesh that meets your tastes and preferences. This article highlights some of the factors that you should consider when buying decorative mesh screens.

1. Type of the Mesh

As you might already know, two types of metal mesh are used in the industry. The welded mesh and woven wire mesh. The welded metal mesh contains meshes that have been joined together through welding. Therefore, they cannot be separated with ease. However, woven wire mesh is hand-done, which means that it can easily be configured. It is upon you to decide which one works for your house.

2. Customized Mesh Screens

Given that you are buying mesh screens for decorative purposes, it is necessary to consider decorative mesh fabric that is tailored to meet the needs of your house. Therefore, customization is a major factor that you should consider when it comes to decorative mesh screens. Most suppliers have generic wire mesh screens, but you have the option of ordering a customized wire mesh.

3. Maintenance Needed

Every time you are buying decorative mesh screens, you should pay attention to the maintenance needed. You don’t have to buy a wire mesh that will demand immediate repair and maintenance. Conduct detailed market research and come up with architectural mesh panels that can serve you for many years without regular maintenance. The wear and tear rate of a metal determines whether regular repair and maintenance are needed.

4. Material Used

The type of metal used is also an important factor that you should analyze when buying decorative mesh. Decorative stainless steel mesh does not rust or corrode when exposed to harsh environmental conditions. If you want to buy a mesh that will remain shiny for many years, you need to consider decorative steel mesh. Steel and stainless steel materials don’t form a dull coat with oxygen, which means that the integrity of the material is retained.

5. Flexible Mesh

As highlighted earlier, the two types of decorative mesh screens; welded and woven exhibit different physical characteristics. Welded mesh is not flexible, which means that you will be forced to stick with one design for many years in your house. However, the woven mesh is very flexible and can easily be redesigned into any shape of the decorative mesh screen you will need in your house. If given a chance, always consider woven decorative mesh.

6. Weight of the Mesh

Weight is another major factor that you can never ignore when you are buying metal mesh façade for interior decoration. There is a high chance that the mesh will be fixed on one side of the wall or the door area. If you buy a wire mesh that is made using a heavy metal, you risk bringing your wall down. Therefore, you should make sure that you get a material that your house can handle. Nevertheless, avoid a very light metal mesh as it can wear and tear within a short period.

The decorative mesh screen is an important addition in interior and exterior decoration. Architects and civil engineers have incorporated metal mesh in decoration process because it is easy to install and maintain. Decorative wire mesh is timeless, which means that it remains to be a modern construction material besides the changing trends in construction sector. However, you have to make sure that you get the best decorative mesh screens for your project.

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