As Cloud Users Increase, So Does Need For Better Security

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The world is embracing cloud technology. Whether for personal use or business use, more and more people are turning towards their mobile devices and the cloud to carry out day to day tasks or work. Because of this, more companies and organizations, including the government, are beginning to boost their IT infrastructure to better support the growing use of the cloud and mobile applications. Not only does the cloud make things convenient for everyone, but it also makes financial sense. For example, the government plans to use the cloud model for IT services to reduce its data center infrastructure. How much will the government be able to save going this route? A whopping 30%!

The market for cloud equipment is growing around the globe, and is estimated to reach a little over %79 billion by 2018. Public cloud spending is expected to increase from $40 billion in 2012 to $100 billion in 2016. There’s a demand for cloud services and infrastructure, and that demand isn’t expected to slow down any time soon. Businesses and enterprises are one of the big users of the cloud because many report that cloud storage improves integration between departments and overall operations. In terms of sharing data, 59% of businesses and enterprises share data across applications via the cloud. Currently, about 60% of users use the public cloud, while 57% use the private cloud, and 19% use other hybrid cloud services. For enterprises and businesses not currently using the cloud as part of their business model, many plan on adopting a cloud system or cloud brokerage service in the near future.

As with any mobile application, cloud brokerage service, and cloud communications, security is and will always be a concern. Because of that, businesses and enterprises are always seeking out the newest advances in cloud-based security services. In fact, the demand for security is so big that it’s shaping the future of the cloud market. By 2019, cloud-based services will account for about $8.71 billion! Security isn’t only important to enterprises and businesses using the cloud for businesses purposes, but it matters to individual users as well, and can impact the reliability of a cloud service. Perhaps the two most important features of a cloud service to individuals are security and reliability. In fact, for some customers, reliability is the most important feature of a cloud service.

The cloud is here to stay, meaning that businesses are going to have to continue to evolve to keep up with technological innovation in order to attract or retain customers. Whether a business invests in a cloud brokerage service, or improves the security of the cloud service, they’ll be taking steps in the right direction to successfully harness the power of the cloud. To help with the process, it’s easy to track down cloud consultants or cloud services brokers to help install and implement a cloud service.

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