As Security Breaches Affect More Businesses, Data Loss Prevention Solutions Are More Important Than Ever

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Many companies in the United States have faced major security breaches in the last several years. They include major companies like Target and PayPal, both of which were targeted for their customers’ credit and debit card information. Not only did this affect millions of Americans, it also hurt the reputations of both companies. More recently, Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. suffered from a leak of its newly released movie “Expendables 3.” Over two million copies of the movie were downloaded before the movie was even released, which has a significant impact on potential profits from sales from opening weekend. With so many breaches lately, protecting sensitive information from hackers is becoming more important than ever before. Companies both big and small are looking to increase preventative measures by improving their data loss prevention solutions. Below are two solutions that can help businesses protect information and prevent future incidents:
Two Types of Data Loss Prevention Solutions

  • Data in Motion – Data in motion solutions prevents sensitive information from leaving a company’s network. It acts on information that flows over networks. Data in motion can protect against security breaches from data delivery methods like emails, instant messages and other data delivery services that are transmitted over networks. One of the major forms of file transfer services that data in motion protects is through an ftp server, which is the standard method of transferring files between computers. While protecting information over networks is important, threats are more common at the source of the information.
  • Data at Rest – Data at rest prevents information from being accessed at the source, like a company’s computers or storage devices. This form of data loss prevention is popular because it protects information that may no longer be in use and is easily accessible. Data at rest protects against digital media hacks and breaches by hackers, which are the most common forms of data interception. This solution is also usually less expensive than data in motion.
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