Data Storage Space Must be Carefully Planned to Achieve Maximum Efficiency

Hot and cold aisle containment systems are increasingly important as the businesses of the world continue to look for ways to increase and improve the growing number of data centers across the country. With row after row of server cabinets perfectly positioned on raised flooring, the data center industry continues to increase the services that they supply to their customers. From national pharamceutical companies to public school districts and privately held banks, nearly every business and organization is in search of ways to back up and monitor their digital data.

Housed in large cement buildings that are created to withstand heavy winds, torrential rains, and flooding, these above ground data centers rely on many kinds of hardware to provide the necessary services. The strategic placement of server cabinets on raised floors in spaces that are separated by special heavy kinds of plastic curtains provide hot aisle containment systems that are at the heart of today’s digital world.

Various Types of Server Racks Can be Arranged to Fit Any Space

Data storage providers work to create the most effective and efficient spaces. By managing hot and cold aisle containment systems, they are able to efficiently create the best space that will serve the most clients. Consider some of these facts and figures about the growing data storage industry and the impact that it has on the nation’s digital economy:

  • To keep servers at the correct temperatures and reduce energy use, 80% of data centers employ or are looking into installing hot or cold aisle containment systems.
  • Over 38% of large companies were expected to exceed IT capacity within 18 months, according to survey results gathered in 2011.
  • 65% of IT equipment failures are directly attributed to inadequate, poorly maintained, or failed air conditioning in a server room space.
  • Although in practice the average life of a data center is considered to be nine years, data centers more than seven years old are considered out of date as per Green Computing norms.
  • 25% of respondents would choose storage if they were given the choice of only being able to move one application to the cloud.
  • Equivalent to nine small sized shopping malls the size of Wal-Mart, the power density of a data center is 100 times more than that of a large commercial office building.

Electronic cabinet designs and various sizes of server cabinets continue to improve as manufacturers work to create the efficient data storage space for customers. These efficiently designed cabinets allow data storage centers to provide the most effective services for their clients.

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