Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Heat Press Machine for Hats

Are you running a modern sign business? If so, you need to expand your operations to garments decoration. It is a lucrative opportunity that leads to higher returns.

According to statistics, the value of U.S apparel market was $315 billion in 2016. With the increase in demand for these products, the market is only growing by the day. As an entrepreneur, you should seize this opportunity by investing in the best heat press machine for hats.

Ideally, the market will have different styles and sizes of heat presses in the market. Exercise caution when selecting the heat press machine for hats to use in your business. Don’t make the mistake of buying a wrong heat press machine. Here are a few tips to ensure this doesn’t happen.

1. Budget for Heat Press Machine

How much do you want to spend in a heat press machine for hats? Well, this is dependent on several factors.

Each heat press machine will have different levels of whistles and bells. Well, some of these are important while others are luxuries that make it easier to apply for custom heat transfers.

When considering the amount to allocate to this exercise, consider the volume of work you’ll be doing. Whereas you want to get value, shun companies that charge extremely low rates for their heat press machines. In most cases, these machines are not strong enough to withstand higher volumes of output.

2. Pay Attention to Size

As an entrepreneur, you have to ensure that your business serves all its customers. Ideally, their heads will be on different size and shapes. Therefore, you should not rely on a one-size-fits-all heat press machine for hats.

If possible, buy a custom heat transfer machine that accommodates all the needs of your customers. In this way, you’ll realize value on your investment.

3. The Output Volume

Before making the purchase, estimate the volume of output. For example, is the market ready to buy your products? What are your growth projections in the next few years?

Do you want to grow your hat press business? If so, invest in heat press transfer machines that can withstand higher volumes of heat applications.

4. The Physical Ability of Heat Press Operator

As the business owner, you have to choose between a manual heat press and automatic heat press machines. The manual machines utilize a lever handle to operate the machine. Operating a digital heat press machine requires you to hit some buttons.

But how do you decide between the two?

Well, consider the volume of output. A manual press machine requires a lot of energy and movement to deliver higher output volumes. The result is operator fatigue that slows down their productivity.

If your volume of output is low, then a manual heat press machine for hats would be ideal. In most cases, a manual heat press is ideal when starting. Such businesses later shift to automatic heat presses as demand grows.

5. Service and Support

Before choosing the heat transfer machine to buy, assess whether the manufacturer offers any support services. For instance, do they have a warranty and guarantee service? Most buyers tend to overlook this, don’t make the same mistake.

Cheaper heat presses come with no warranty or support services. If the machine stops working, you’re on your own, fix it.

Conversely, with reputable manufacturers, you’re never alone. The company offers support services at any time of day or night. If the machine is giving you trouble, help is just one phone call away.


Buying a heat press machine for hats is the best investment you can make to your apparel business. However, you must be careful to ensure you only buy the right machine. Keep these factors in mind when evaluating your options. You will need enough information to make an informed decision. Make no mistake, buying a heat transfer machine is an investment. Research widely to allow for higher returns on the money you invest.

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