Have You Ever Forgotten a Doctor’s Appointment That Took Weeks to Get Scheduled?

Medical appointment reminder email

It has been another busy week. In addition to attending five day of college classes and labs, you have also been attending most of the team gymnastics workouts. Even though a hyperextended knee has ended your season a little early, you are still able to go in and work on abs and arms. Plus, you are able to help move mats and help with other tasks that make these last practices of the year go as smoothly as possible. Although this week has not been a lot busier than the previous ones, the fact that you are also scheduling classes for next year and getting your housing requests in means that you have had a few other deadlines to meet. Working with your genetics professor to see if you can get an internship lined up for next summer has also taken a few extra hours.
Although you have been trying to stay on top of all of the end of the year deadlines and tasks you sometimes find yourself scrambling to keep to your schedule. Scrambling so much, in fact, that you nearly missed the doctor’s appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. Fortunately, you received a call from the medical appointment reminder service. You have been waiting nearly two weeks to get in, so would you would have hated to miss this scheduled appointment.
Automated Appointment Reminder Calls Help Both Doctors and Patients
We live in a time of busy schedules. For both doctors and patients, a missed appointment can be a major inconvenience. For this reason many offices now use medical appointment reminder services to keep themselves on schedule. Instead of waiting for a late patient, doctors hope that phone calls and text appointment reminders will get everyone where they need to be at the right time.
In a time of of increasing health care costs to both the professionals and the patients, it is important that both small medical offices and very large practices do the most to increase practice efficiency. From getting patients into the office on time and then making sure that they are in the rooms ready to be seen, an efficient office can help a doctor see more patients in a day, while still giving each patient the care that is needed.

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