How Can Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis Improve Your Business

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Aspect based sentiment analysis is the process by which charts and graphs are used to determine the aspects of given target entities and the sentiment expressed towards each aspect. There are computers with sentiment analysis software that allows the user to determine the attitude people have about a specific object in regards to a certain topic. These computers are trained to not only identify a person’s sentiments but also analyzes through a variety of different techniques and statistical methodologies. Aspect based sentiment analysis is widely used in social media platforms as well as for marketing purposes.

Several major corporation using aspect based sentiment analysis find it to be a great addition to social media data analysis as well as a suitable measuring and monitoring tool. It helps to bridge the gap between between insight and action. Aspect based sentiment analysis in social media marketing is used to monitor and analyze:

When you need a way to neutralize how ever many times your company is mentioned in a negative way via social media, you are able to identify the content that the most influential people in the industry who are using the platform. Get a better idea of how the content is being transferred, and understand exactly how many people were impacted by such content. Aspect based sentiment analysis provides attitude measurements that are quickly becoming the standard for monitoring engagement via social media platforms.

Any social media user has a reputation on the platform. It ties directly into your profile. If a negative sentiment registers much higher than average, then it will be considered as an outlier sentiment. The negative sentiment with than be discounted in the statistical analysis.

The Intensity of Each Sentiment
Algorithms are used to prioritize each sentiments for cross referencing purposes. Aspect based sentiment analysis gives you the ability to use cross referencing sentiments to identify their intensity, influence, how fast the sentiment is transferred through each platform, and it?s reliability.

While aspect based sentiment analysis may not be a very accurate form of human analysis, it?s still a very useful form of entity analytics for business purposes when comparing the attitude changes of two related entities. Entity resolution software that utilizes aspect based sentiment analysis can give a company some much needed directional insight and can also set the path for more analysis based on those findings.

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