How To Break Into the Exciting (and High Paying) World of Cybersecurity

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There are so many career options available nowadays that it should be completely forbidden to settle for a career that is anything less than perfect for you. You don’t have to settle for a boring job. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll get your dream job right away; everyone has to work hard and develop their career over time. If you’re looking for a career that combines computer and technology skills with creative problem solving, real-world stakes, and excitement (not to mention a decent salary), then a career in cybersecurity may be a perfect fit.

But how do you break into the cybersecurity world? Let’s assume you already have an education or background in computer programming, information security, or a similar discipline. To break into this exciting field, it’s important to understand how technology companies hire new talent in 2017. In many cases, top companies work exclusively with retained search firms.

These executive search services receive an up-front fee to find qualified candidates for specific high-end job titles. These jobs usually range in the $150,000 or more bracket and are filled with exciting career opportunities for ambitious and skilled workers.

Cybersecurity jobs

While applying directly to companies is never a bad idea, you will often have more luck by working with a retained search firm to hopefully land one of these excellent jobs. Talk to cybersecurity recruiters about getting into one of the most important career fields in the world today. With a new cyber attack news story breaking just about every day in 2017, companies and industries across the globe are placing a strong emphasis on cybersecurity. Hackers can completely destroy entire corporations and ruin individual reputations after gaining digital access for only a few seconds.

That means the cybersecurity industry is growing fast to fight these new threats. To get involved, submit your resume directly to a recruiting firm that helps place candidates into high paying cybersecurity jobs. Talented people are needed to protect these businesses from online criminals and do anything they can to keep valuable personal and financial information safe and secure.

Do you have military experience

You don’t need to graduate from the Ivy leagues or spend years in Silicon Valley to land a great cybersecurity job. In many cases, veterans and active service members have exactly the skills top security firms are looking for. If you recently left the military or are planning your post-service career, then you may have more options than you realize. Many retained search firms specialize in placing highly skilled service members into cybersecurity positions. In addition to working with general recruiting services, consult with professional military transition recruiting services to figure out exactly what you should do to begin the process of launching a new career.

Don’t sell yourself short and settle for a boring office job that pays very little and offers even less. Get out and learn about the world while you work in an exciting and important field. If you want to find out more about how you can land the perfect job or at least a more rewarding career, talk to a┬áprofessional retained search firm today. Enjoy your new career!

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