Types of Bridges And Their Differences

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There are several factors that are used to classify the types of bridges around the world such as the materials used to build it, the style and design of the bridge, what sort of mechanism is used to hold its weight, and more. Bridges are highly durable structures that are built as a solution for some sort of transportation route that poses as an obstacle due to river, or valley. They lay horizontally between a beam, arch, or they might even be suspended over the air. Engineers have also been able to construct what’s known as a portable bridge, quickly assembled bridge, railway bridge, short term bridge and temporary bridges for rental.

Here are the different types of bridges that have been built all over the world which includes the most complicated bridges that can take years to construct to the quickly assembled bridge that can be done in a matter of weeks or months.

Girder Bridge
This is possible the most common bridge type you can find because of its simplicity. It can also be classified as a types of quickly assembled bridge due to its simple form and easy to design style. Two Of the most common girder bridges are the I-beam girder bridge and the box girder which is in the shape of a box. Most of the girder bridges of today are built in those two styles and they both work well in most circumstances.

Arch Bridge
This is considered to be the most classic bridge known to man and may also be one of the most oldest tight after the girder bridges. Arch bridges are mostly built with stone and make a great choice if you?re looking to cross a river or valley. Arch bridges have a nice curvature that gives them their distinct shape and provides a huge resistance against bending forces. These bridges can only be constructed on a solid surface and are made with either one or more hinges depending on the amount of weight or load they must carry.

Truss Bridge
The truss bridge is a very popular design and is also the most popular bridge type. It’s a very straight, quickly assembled bridge that is supported by a network of beams that are placed a triangular series. These triangles serve as a way to transfer the weight of the loads from the deck to the piers. Truss bridges are made with steel bars which makes them quite capable to carry the heaviest of loads. Due to the many components involved in a truss bridge, though they are simple to assemble they do take up a large amount of space once they are.

Suspension Bridge
A Suspension bridge are bridges that are made up of cables, ropes, or chains used to vertically suspend the base of the bride over a body of water. One main example of a suspended bridge is the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Back then these kinds of bridges were only made with rope and wood. As the days began to modernize they are now made with stronger and more durable materials such a high tensile cables. These Cables help to support the weight of the deck and helps to carry the load.

Beam Bridge
Beam bridges are very simple and is also a quickly assembled bridge since all it takes to construct is a flat surface and support piers in the bottom. The piers hold the bridge together and helps to carry the weight of the load. It is also one of the most common and simplest bridges to build. Usually the piers form a v shape or can also be inclined as well. The basic style of a beam bridge makes ideal to use as a reliable roadway used to transport vehicles or heavy machinery across still rivers.

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