How Industrial Scanning has Improved the Security Process

Industrial digital radiography

Industrial xray inspection encompasses a number of different kinds of testing and provides a great way to view in such a way that would be impossible otherwise. Industrial xray inspection is a huge part of non destructive testing or ‘NDT testing’ methods. It works by using short x-ray and gamma rays that penetrate the object in order to look for any flaws or faults that may be hidden. X-rays and radiography are used only for viewing and providing a way to diagnose and inform. It is not a treatment method or repair function. However, it is a huge help and sometimes the only way to see how the object or material is damaged which in turn is the only way to know how to fix or repair or treat it. Below are a few examples of different industries that use industrial xray inspection.

NDT Testing
Having mentioned non destructive testing earlier, it is definitely worth it to mention that industrial xray inspection is an absolutely perfect example of non destructive testing. The whole point of an NDT test is that the object or product that is being examined can come away undamaged or usable. There is nothing involved that would cause any harm to the object. Being able to use an industrial xray inspection method is a classic way to view the object without even having to touch it. Other ways include liquid penetration methods, remote visual inspections, low coherence interferon, magnetic particle treatments and even more than these. NDT is usually used in the following engineering industries: forensic, mechanical, petroleum, electrical, civil, aeronautical and systems as well as for medicinal purposes along with art inspections, particularly historical and fragile pieces.

Airport Security
This is one that most people will be familiar with. Industrial x-ray imaging has been used for awhile in order to scan carry on luggage as well as checked luggage. Just recently, new machines that are safe for people have been implemented by the TSA also. The x-rays speed up the security process by looking through the suitcase for items that are not allowed on the aircraft. Without this, security officers would have to look through each bag individually which would take a lot more time and man power. The radiation that is emitted from scanning a person through an airport security x-ray machine is between 0.05 and 0.1 which is about 100 times less than a typical chest x-ray.

Cargo Scanning
Industrial xrays are often used to scan freight cargo that will undergo several different types of transportation such as train, ship and truck. The cargo itself does not have to be handled when changing modes which improves the security. Once the cargo is scanned, if no one touches it, it can be assumed that everything is the same as it was during the scan. This is a security method similar to the airport baggage checks mentioned above.

Medical Use
Industrial scanners are not he kind of scanners that are used on people. Industrial scanners used in the medical field are used more to scan equipment and make sure that they are usable and have no misfiring functions or parts. It makes it simple to be able to ensure the safety of the equipment or tools without risking any damage to them. Once the tools are scanned and cleared for use they are sent out just like that. If a tool or equipment part is found damaged then further steps will be taken.

These are just some of the examples that can be used to show how helpful industrial xray scanning can be. The machines themselves may initially be expensive but they end up paying for themselves. Without them there would be a lot of time and money wasted of manual labor that is not necessary. There would also be a higher risk of damage to the cargo or product or object or equipment, which defeats the purpose entirely. Using xray machines ensures that a product is usable and undamaged. If xray finds something out of place on the product or object, then it can be fixed or repaired manually but the actual scan does not need hands on techniques which protects it from getting any more damaged.

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