How Strong Is Your Company’s Website Design?

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The new online guitar store has a unique idea. For a monthly fee, they will send quality strings, picks, and other necessary gear to their subscribers. Understanding that the best music is created by artists who take exceptional care of the their instruments, the online guitar store provides their customers the highest quality offerings.
A boat mechanic who has turned his welding skills into industrial art sells unique garden and outdoor decorations to customers throughout the Tampa/St. Pete area. Mostly seen at the various arts festivals throughout the area, the welder turned artist also creates custom designed pieces for customers who place their orders online.
Nearly Half of All Users Indicate That Web Design Determines Credibility
Strong website design is essential in today’s marketing world. Whether the design is for a guitar supply store in the midwest or an industrial artist who uses welding and metals as a medium, the web design of these individual companies are likely the first impressions any potential customers ever have.
And even though every custom web design is as unique as the customer, a few basics always apply:

  • Clear, concise content Short sentences. Powerful words. These things carry a professional web design. In fact, the shorter the message, the more impact it will likely have.
  • Strong design Liberal use of white space, a limited number of type faces, and dominant elements of every page drive today’s web site designs. In today’s world of digital clutter, clean design carries the most weight.
  • Frequent posts Even though the copy needs to be concise, it also needs to be constant. Daily blogs, posted specials, and customer comments can all attract attention if they are used frequently.
  • Push notifications The best customers deserve to be reminded when big things are happening at a business. Push notifications allow social media followers to know when and where the specials are.
  • Speed matters The best web site designs will be ineffective if pages load slowly. More than ever, the speed of a website is important to companies that want to catch and keep their digital customers.

The fact that 48% of internet users indicate that a website design determines how credible a company is means that the design is even more important. In fact, 94% of people cited web design as the reason they have either mistrusted or rejected a website. While companies, both large and small, may have once been able to generate their own content and manage their own social media posts, more and more frequently these businesses are out sourcing the enormous task of creating and maintaining a web design and platform. Places as diverse as churches and school districts and tattoo parlors and pitching coaches understand that a strong web site will pay for itself.
The best providers also offer a responsive website design that helps track where customers spend their time and what time of the day they visit a site. Additionally, the top services also track what devices customers and visitors are using. Did you know, for instance, that mobile devices now account for nearly two of every three minutes Americans spend online? The best web sites monitor what devices are being used and make sure that the content easily adjusts to a variety of screen sizes. Offering applications that help users with a specific device, for instance, can often provide the greatest match between screen size and website adaptability.
Web Site Design and Content Attracts and Keeps Customers
It should come as absolutely no surprise that the Web is playing an increasingly vital role for retailers around the globe. In fact, as much as $1.1 trillion of all retail sales in the year 2011 were ?Web-influenced.? If an item or service wasn?t purchased on the Web, it was most likely researched online. Businesses who refuse to follow the trend of web site design and social media interaction will likely miss out on an increasingly number of customers.
Businesses have always needed advertising, but today’s advertising and marketing methods look very little like the newspaper and magazine advertising formats from the past. Colorful, interactive, digital content keeps today’s customers interested and engaged. Even a few minutes online allows companies to see and to understand the importance of strong design and and updated web site information.

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