How To Find The Right Manager For Your Office

It’s no secret that in order to operate at peak efficiency, an office must have the right office manager. After all, a manager encourages employees, offers constructive criticism, manages the office and finds ways to make a company’s entire operation run more smoothly.

It’s also no secret, that now more than ever people are changing jobs. That’s especially true among millennials, who have been dubbed the “Job Hopping Generation” in some circles. But regardless of age or years of experience, people are looking for new jobs more than ever.

Surveys from 2015 indicate 2.7 million people voluntarily left their jobs by the end of June 2015. Why are so many people switching jobs? The answer is simple: in large numbers, workers aren’t recognized for their hard work, they’re unmotivated, they aren’t always clear on what their jobs entail and not many believe their superiors are getting them to do their best work.

Whatever the reason for leaving one job for another, companies are often left surprised by departures and not always with clear paths to filling job vacancies. So, what can they do to get people stay? A great first step is to hire the right manager.

That’s where an HR executive search firm can be of big help to a company
. Consultants can help companies find the best people to lead employees rather than just filling spots to fill spots. There’s a lot to be gained from using an executive search firm when searching for a manager by looking for the following traits you’ll be able to find the right person to lead:

  • Passion: If an office manager doesn’t believe in what your company does or isn’t passionate about their work, how can employees be expected to be passionate? A good manager is involved in everything a company does, even down to the smallest details. That involvement should give the ideal manager a great sense of pride in their work. A manager who works hard and is energetic about their work will leave a good impression on the employees they manage.
  • Strong communication: Because a manager is so involved in everything an office does, an executive search firm can help you find a manager with strong communication skills. One of the biggest reasons people look to switch jobs is due to poor communication and being unsure of what their bosses are asking them to do. An effective manager can communicate effectively with people of different job levels, vendors, new employees and customers. They’ll be able to communicate with patience and in a way that’s not condescending to employees.
  • Understanding of the job: If your office has different departments (HR, sales, accounts receivable, etc), then a good manager should have a good understanding of all the parts of your office and what keeps it running smoothly. Let’s be honest, the choices an office manager makes, whether they are hard or easy, can affect everyone in an office. They’re making decisions that directly impact a company’s operation and how successful they are.

Looking for ideal traits is essential in a job search, but an employment agencies and executive search firms can also help you find the best talent. If that person is someone who’s promoted within the company and is ready for a management position, then so be. If that means hiring from outside the company or even outside the industry, then so be. Ultimately, you want the executive search firm to hire the best candidate for the job, not the easiest choice.

These days, companies want employees who are thinking about the future and have the ability to think creatively and differently. An executive search firm will be able to offer companies a list of the best few candidates who are talented, motivated, strong with communication and can help the company now and in the future.

No matter the job or industry they work in, having the right manager can be invaluable to companies. Talented managers will motivate employees and make them feel excited about coming in to work. With the right manager, happiness and camaraderie can be through the roof, which will help you company work more efficiently.

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