How to Move Your Website Beyond Just Social Media Promotion

Updated 11/24/2021

Applying the best social platforms for business can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to receive the recognition needed to expand your online influence. In their article, On Top Web Search offers some hints to get your social media promotion on track.

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It can be frustrating using all the 2020 social media apps and a list of social media sites while money still won’t come in after all that effort. Perhaps it’s time to invest in finding social media posting services that also provide search engine optimization, or SEO, services. Companies that deal with this method can market your content through other high-quality content, essentially employing different content for different social media. If hiring an SEO company is not within your budget, try keeping a blog and updating it frequently.

It also helps to check your website for efficient usability. If the layout of your content is too limited or unresponsive in any way, any visitors will leave for other online venues. Even if your webpage doesn’t load within four seconds, around 40% of visitors will leave before seeing your content. To fix these issues, consider hiring a web designer to help improve and modernize your online service.

Social Media for Business

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“I have 1,500 likes. Why isn’t my social media campaign working for me?” One too many business owners have lamented along these lines. Sold on the hype of the new age of social media, many of these entrepreneurs with little background in online marketing have taken to the web, launching Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube pages for their business, counting the days until their consumer engagement morphed into cash. Yet for most, that day never comes. Why?

The reality is, social media for businesses is not the end-all to online marketing. Google’s head of webspam himself, the search engine guru Matt Cutts, has said that as of now, Google does not take Twitter or Facebook signals into account when computing pagerank. In other words: having a ton of Twitter followers does nothing by itself.

This doesn’t mean social media is pointless — if your Twitter followers are actively engaged with you, you can promote your products successfully and inform them of new developments or discounts. Social media simply can’t be your only avenue for marketing, even if it’s tempting to hope for that since it’s “free.” Here are a few more tips to help your website development and design.

Invest in SEO

Twitter can’t raise your search rank, so what can? The answer is search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO companies are experts at understanding the Google algorithm and what your site needs to get to the top of a search page. Most SEO consists of content marketing offsite. A link to your page is inserted in high quality content, thus creating an inbound link. This is something Google uses to figure out how “relevant” and useful each website is for potential searchers. How can you get better SEO without a company? One easy fix is to keep a blog and update it routinely — blogs increase pages for search indexing by 432%.

Better Website Development and Design

Too many times we’ve seen website owners complaining about how their clicks and Facebook fans weren’t translating into sales — only to visit their website and understand exactly what the problem is. It’s not 2004, so a basic site with a bad layout, limited payment options, and a request to call you for more information isn’t going to cut it anymore. Hire a web designer to get you on track so that your website is fast, functional, and appealing. It’s worth noting that if your page can’t load within four seconds, 40% of your visitors are leaving before even seeing what you have to offer.

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