Improving Remote Content Management Systems With AI

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An increasing number of businesses are moving toward internet employment. Companies are finding that they can cut costs and increase work productivity by using remote employees. The biggest challenge with this new model, however, is finding a program that allows employees to easily work and track progress. Also known as content management programs, this model is constantly changing and the Atlassian stash may be the enterprise software that is needed for success.

Clear productivity goals and success points

One of the problems with content management systems is that there is no clear indicator of success. The Atlassian stash provides Atlassian toolsets that give the opportunity to measure productivity and overall success. Specially designed and developed Atlassian training can help to set clear goals. This is often compared to other industries, such as IT. High performing IT teams are twice as likely to have a written and published plan for digital transformation. As a result, 46% of these organizations see greater ROI on technology.

Reworking the entire business process

Content management systems do little in terms of work processes. According to a recent study by Atlassian, the top performing IT teams do these 5 things, put business first, master technology, invest in speed, make customers a priority, and be proactive. With agile software development and improvement to current content management systems, these specific steps are easier to track. In a sense, it entirely reworks the business processing system. When remote employees are more aware of their work steps and business goals, they are more likely to produce better results for the business.

The incorporation of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. The computer you use for Email and social media is filled with artificial intelligence. The mobile device you carry everywhere with you was created with artificial intelligence. Many employers are already moving to various artificial intelligence programs. AI is able to handle tedious and menial tasks that do not need to be filled with humans. The Atlassian stash works to separate these two types of tasks. It is constantly developing software programs that will better handle these AI tasks. It also seems that many business professionals are on board with directing smaller tasks to AI.

According to a recent survey, 77% of ITSM professionals believe that artificial intelligence will relieve them of some of their more routine tasks. By improving content management systems, the Atlassian stash can filter out simple tasks to be completed by AI. The remaining tasks are then divided into easier workflow patterns for the remote employees.

Keeping up with expected business needs

There is no question that business needs are constantly changing. What works today is unlikely to work in the future. As technology advances and becomes even more important to daily business functions, these Atlassian stash products will also need to be further developed and advanced. Fortunately, those customers who are already on the Atlassian stash can simply use an Atlassian product upgrade. The upgrade prevents the business from having to implement an entirely new Atlassian product installation. Eventually, content management systems will be entirely foolproof and will provide the best tracking systems for all remote employees.

The working world is constantly changing. A large percentage of employees currently work directly from their home computers. As businesses find new ways to benefit from this working model and are able to better develop their content management systems, an even higher percentage of employees will move to home offices. The Atlassian stash is one of the leaders in developing content systems and in establishing artificial intelligence in the remote working world.

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