Intriguing Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

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Digital marketing is a buzzy topic as usual, and this isn?t surprising considering how important the internet is when it comes to anything from deciding which grocery brands to buy, to booking plane tickets halfway across the world. Consumers rely on the internet — and trust it to give them the results they want. The internet also represents an important advertising opportunity — over 27 million pieces of content are shared every week.

What is new in the world of digital marketing? Here are a few intriguing facts and stats that may inspire your approach to online marketing.

Snapchat is a Popular Topic

At the South by Southwest Interactive media event this month, Snapchat didn?t need to do any advertising or throw a party in order to be a popular topic. Snapchat had about 192 million impressions on Twitter during that week and almost every marketing panel was talking about it. Snapchat can be a popular way to encourage people to interact with your brand and showcase it to their followers, especially during one-time events or deals.

Emojis Have Their Place in Digital Marketing

According to Comedy Central, promoting their hit series Broad City with emojis helped to attract new fans to the series. The channel had been looking for ways to access a broader millennial audience after the first season attracted a number of superfans, but not the more casual, sizable audience they wanted. Emojis, in the right branded context, can make consumers feel like part of the conversation.

Nontraditional Avenues

Millennials love podcasts — many are drawn to them as a way to pass time during their morning commute or while doing mundane tasks at work, rather than simply listening to music. You may be surprised at the cost of ads for some of the more popular channels, though. Ira Glass?s This American Life now relies largely on advertising money, and the cost per thousand impression rate is now about $50 to $60 (by comparison, video ads are often closer to $3). The benefit of reaching this audience, of course, is that they are very tuned in, and are a particular demographic.

SEO Services: Harder to Give Away Products

Google is attempting to crack down on companies giving products to bloggers in exchange for reviews. Google says bloggers should be not only disclosing this, but also issuing Nofollow links — even if the company did not explicitly ask for a link in exchange for the gifted product. This is likely to shake up search engine optimization strategies for more than a few companies, especially for industries that are more reliant on online reviews for generating consumer interest (think: the baby product industry). Get more info here.

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