What to Expect if You Need an X-ray

X-ray imaging

Industrial CT scanning inspection services encompass a number of different types of testing and scans that can be done using this method. The scanning process is basically defined by any computer aided tomographic process. CT scanning is used for a lot of different areas in the industry in order to find flaws, failed analysis as well as assembly analysis and reverse engineering. Industrial imaging includes non tomographic radiography as well as computed tomographic radiography. X-rays fall in to the industrial CT scanning inspection service category.

How Does an X-Ray Work?
It’s basically the same as industrial CT scanning inspection services but on a smaller scale, at times. In order for a picture to be produced for an x-ray, a machine has to throw an extremely concentrated beam of electrons out to a metal film. This beam will make its way through the air, being attracted to the metal film until it clashes with out body tissues. Skin and organs do no have the capability to absorb such high energy rays so the beam passed right through them.

X-rays are the most common type of imaging testing. They have been being used for decades in order to assist doctors in seeing the inside of the body non surgically.

Why Would a Doctor Use an X-ray?
An X-ray may need to be ordered if the doctor wants to take a look inside your body. X-rays are used to look at the interior of an area that is causing your physical pain as as well as monitor the progression of a condition like osteoporosis and to see if a treatment method is having the desired affected. Doctors can use X-rays to check everything from block blood vessels to signs of pneumonia as well as fractures, infections, tooth decay, items that have been swallowed, the presence of cancer, lung conditions and much more.

Are There Risks Associated With X-Rays?
X-rays do use a very small amount of radiation but the level of exposure has been proven to be safe for adults. However, a pregnant woman would be recommended for an X-ray because a developing fetus can not tolerate the amount of exposure. In these cases, an MRI would be a better choice.

If your X-ray is being done because of a possible broken bone, you may feel some discomfort or pain during the X-ray. At times, to get a clear image, you may be required to adjust your body in certain positions which can cause additional pain. Your doctor can give you pain management medication before the x-ray if you feel it is necessary.

Another possible risk is if your doctor needs to inject you with a contrast dye in order to get better quality images. Side effects are rare but can occur in some people. Things like hives, itching, nausea and a metallic taste can accompany a feeling of being lightheaded from the dye.

What is the Process of an X-Ray?
Industrial CT scanning inspection services have a very similar process. They require very little preparation besides wearing comfortable clothing or they may have you put on a hospital gown. Metallic items must be removed, such as jewelry, belts and watches as they can block the x-rays from going through your body.

Once that is done you will be instructed to lay on a table in whichever position the technician feels will best show the doctor what needs to be seen and the camera will be placed over you. The technician will instruct you to lie very still while the images are being taken so that they can get a clear picture. The test is soon over not taking more than five or so minutes.

When you’re done you can change into your regular clothes and resume your daily activities. Results are usually available fairly quickly from an x-ray so you may hear from your doctor that same day.

While industrial CT scanning inspection services are used more for machinery and things like this, the process is virtually the same. If you need to get an x-ray, there is really nothing to be afraid of as the whole process is very simple and pain free unless you are already experience some time of pain, which the doctor can treat beforehand if you and he feels it is necessary.

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