Why You Should Consider the Cloud

Cloud security assessment

The cloud is becoming a staple in businesses as we move into a more digitalized world. Statistics clearly show that this has become a trend and that it will be continuing on for the foreseeable future.

Looking at the facts, you can clearly see the trend of switching to and updating cloud services. For example, over half of businesses surveyed already have or are planning to update their cloud services in the next year. Another survey reported that almost half of the respondents will be adopting hybrid cloud systems. 49% of companies now develop their own IT security talent and have increased their investments in the cloud, and 80% of businesses have or plan to create a policy on the use of the cloud for their organization.

Another note to make is the projections surrounding cloud usage going forward. The International Data Corporation believes that spending for the public cloud will go from $40 billion (2012) all the way up to $100 billion by 2016, and it’s estimated that spending on cloud equipment will increase to almost $80 billion by 2018 globally. Already, 35% of IT services are delivered at least partially by the cloud.

Lastly, there are numerous reasons why businesses move to the cloud, but some of the top survey responses were: it improves integration (59%), the cloud is an easy way to share data seamlessly across all applications (59%), and in the government’s case, using the cloud computing model will reduce their expenditure by about 30%. As the numbers stand, 19% of businesses use hybrid cloud services, while 57% use the private cloud, and 60% use the public cloud.

Cloud consultants are becoming increasing valuable as the cloud is gaining popularity in the corporate world. Not only are these broker services in demand, but the increasing need for managed security services are starting to shape the future of a security service market solely for the cloud. It is predicted that this market will reach $8.71 billion within the next four years. Even if you have cloud services currently, with new updates, a cloud assessment could take your business to the next level.

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