What You Need To Know About Job Retention, Plus Tips For Improving Your Company’s Job Retention Rates

Job retention is becoming more and more problematic all throughout the United States – and in many different industries. This is something that is well known to the typical executive search consultant service, as an executive search consultant service is likely to deal with many people who are not particularly happy in their current jobs. Unfortunately, this is something that will likely be seen not just in the typical executive search consultant service but in the line of work done by human resources consulting firms as well.

After all, the Millennial generation in particular does not seem to be in it for the long haul. In fact, more than half of all Millennials who are currently in the workforce – around 60% of them, as a matter of fact – have said that they would be more than willing to take a new job immediately, no matter what their commitments to their current one. There’s no doubt about it that they are always looking out for the next best thing. As the typical executive search consultant service will know, there are likely a number of different factors at play here.

For instance, the majority of all employees, Millennials and other, are not being supported in all of the ways that they should be. In fact, only around one fifth of all people who are currently a part of the workforce of the United States actually feel as is they are adequately supported and advised by their superiors. Without this help, many employees of all different backgrounds are feeling burnt out, overworked, and out of their depth. In many ways, this is a key factor in the poor retention rates seen all throughout the country in its entirety, though this problem is certainly compounded by a great deal of other factors as well.

Fortunately, this part of the problem is relatively easy to fix and can be done, at least in part, through the implementation and regular use of various employee recognition programs. Employee recognition programs will certainly look a bit different from workplace to workplace, but there is certainly no denying the power that these employee recognition programs are able to have. After all, recently gathered data has even found that more than 85% of all companies to make use of such programs have found success with them, seeing a considerable uptick in overall employee happiness and contentedness in their place of work. Happiness matters, as it can be a direct factor in the kind of work (and how much work) any given employee is able to produce.

A distinct lack of diversity is another key factor when it comes to understanding the poor employee retention rates seen throughout the country. Minority workers like women and people of color often find themselves pushed aside and passed over for better opportunities – and are perhaps the victim of direct harassment as well. Therefore, it is not hard to see why poor job retention rates might be common among such populations. Fortunately, however, diversity is becoming more and more the normal all throughout the country.

For a matter of fact, the data backs this up, showing that female CEOs now make up more than 5% of all CEOs in this country, at least according to data that was gathered back in the year of 2017 and has likely grown since then. While that might seem like not all that much, it’s a positive change and one that is likely to continue in the years that are to come. And as any executive search consultant working for an executive search consultant service will likely be well aware of, diversity plays a hugely positive role in the workplace. After all, gender diverse companies are able to outperform less diverse companies by as much as a full 15%, with ethnically diverse companies outperforming like but less diverse companies by as much as a full 35%. This goes to show that diversity in the workplace can really benefit just about everyone, and not just the minority populations that it seeks to include.

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